The Centurion Group, with its own specialist companies on 4 continents, has been providing customers with superior supply and support since 1988.

Initially providing parts and contracting services primarily for the Military Aerospace industry, the group interests have over the years grown to  encompass Civilian aircraft support and engine overhaul for turbine-powered aircraft (T56 / PT6 / PW100) under contract. Of utmost importance is the proper certification and traceability of all items supplied, and to this end a Bureau Veritas Quality Auditing System is in place. Individually. Senior management are members of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI): Aviation Safety is of paramount concern to all at Centurion.

A separate division of The Centurion Group deals with the provisioning of specialist military equipment and ballistic body armor to approved customers, worldwide. Centurion also undertakes Specialist Military Training and Contracting, through its CMS (Centurion Military Systems) division. Please note that dependent on your requirements, an EUC (End User Certificate) and other documentation may be necessary, in terms of ITAR regulations. Also, providing governments with highly specialized security and intelligence systems & products together with our business partnerships. The Centurion Group assists and provides military solutions and equipment in a broad range of equipment, from rifles to ammunitions from our Turkish business Partner MKE.

Border patrol (securing borders and boundaries) by air or sea, Centurion can provide complete solutions and craft for these purposes. Please browse the web site for more information.

Being a proud partner of Mills Manufacturing in the USA, Centurion supplies world class parachuting products to approved customers.

The Centurion Group is also a proud supplier of Military and Civilian boats and inflatable craft. Representing some of the worlds most renowned boat builders and manufacturers, providing solutions to Navy, Military divisions and / or organizations requiring specific boat configurations.

In the re-construction and development of countries coming out of duress, Centurion provides solutions and support to assist in setting up of a UEPS (Universal Electronic Payment System) where a country as a nation can benefit in having electronic banking and a wide spread range of services setup in one universal card system. This also providing government with complete control of access to the country, intelligence, legal and illegal entry to the country via a electronic visa systems, national spending and banking, medical as well as a people’s database and nation census and ID system.

Centurion FZC (Forming part of the Centurion Group) is a proud representative of BP Aero Oil and Lubrication Products to approved markets, supporting military, aviation and civilian markets.

The introduction of the above technologies and business partners, which will compliment and further support the business as it enters the exciting times of the second decade int he 21st century, and beyond. Centurion invites you to become part of their vision for the future, by utilising their unparalleled resources and expertise, in order to satisfy your own requirements.

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