Superiority in GLOBAL Voice & Data communications for the Aviation Industry.

As per the ICAO guidelines as set forth to the FAA for consideration and implementation : It is becoming compulsory for Airlines to conform to Safety regulations, in terms of Global communications and aircraft tracking, from 2017 / 2018.

Latitude manufactures and supplies the most superior product range on the market today, allowing operators to communicate with 100% global coverage via Iridium.

Our customers can monitor anomalies & virtually track their aircraft, as well as automatically receive technical and systems data from aircraft, without having to download via handheld device or USB from their aircraft CVFDR (Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder).

At Latitude, we build solutions, to save operators, time & money, maximizing on operational ease, effectiveness, and immediate availability of crucial aircraft data and information.

The SkyNode® S100 offers complete tracking and data telemetry. Interfaces to     multiple mapping and information management systems. 2-way data access    everywhere you operate. The preferred real-time data communications module for    Latitude’s IONode FDM system.

The SkyNode® S200 is the world’s lightest and most versatile integrated aeronautical communications device. The S200 provides security and crew safety for air/ground logistics applications. Phone and data access is available everywhere you operate. The S200 exceeds automated flight tracking requirements mandated by US and Canadian Forestry Agencies and interfaces to multiple mapping and flight data monitoring systems. The S200 has the toughest environmental standards in the industry.

The IONode™ lightweight flight data recorder will help you improve aircraft operating efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs, increase safety, and help grow your fleet’s bottom line.

The DL150 Satellite Data Unit (SDU) provides the satellite connectivity for a FANS 1/A+ CPDLC system allowing capture and retransmission of Satcom messages as to meet the requirements of AC20-140B. The DL150 SDU is designed to meet TSO-C159b. The DL150 SDU acts as a communications link for a FANS compliant FMS via an ARINC 741 interface.


Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Latitude WebSentinel™ subscription-based flight following service offers a reliable and affordable solution for processing geo-positioning and telematics data, collected and distributed by SkyNode and GeoNode devices operating on-board aircraft, terrestrial vehicles, and marine vessels.  Display both live and historic flight data from your fleet using a variety of map types and data tables.  Receive email alerts of events such as take-offs and landings, including customized flight profiles.  Remotely configure the operating parameters of each SkyNode and GeoNode satcom transceiver.  Add as many viewers, including customers, agents, and employees, as you like.

WebSentinel service is provided through a renewable monthly subscription. You don’t need to sign a long-term contract. Your monthly subscription automatically renews until you give us notice to terminate your subscription. If you are a seasonal operator, you can deactivate and reactivate your WebSentinel subscription to meet your seasonal schedule. There will be a small reactivation fee.

For customers using proprietary map engines and third-party flight tracking systems, Latitude offers WebSentinel data forwarding on a subscription basis. We automatically forward SkyNode and GeoNode delivered flight data to your servers on an interval frequency managed by you. We do not monitor forwarded data. We strongly encourage customers using WebSentinel Data Forwarding to put in place server-based notification protocols so that flight anomalies and other emergency alerts are automatically delivered to designated recipients on a real-time basis. Set-up fees for proprietary data forwarding are extra.

Latitude WebSentinel subscriptions are sold and maintained separately and independently from Latitude airtime service subscriptions. Fleet discounts are available. For more information on WebSentinel services and to get WebSentinel subscription pricing, please contact us at

Latitude Flight Data Analytics

Flight data monitoring made easy

Latitude Flight Data Analytics is our web-based flight data monitoring system.  LFDA offers configurable graphical presentations of flight data from aircraft equipped with Latitude’s IONode ION2, ION3/3A, or ION4 FDM system.  LFDA users are able to view data from past flights as well as the most recent flight and can set event thresholds to report exceedances on a real-time and post-flight basis.  Per aircraft subscriptions with no user limits help keep costs down and give all your stakeholders access for individual analysis.  LFDA provides valuable flight data performance and trending analysis – when, where, and how you want it.  LFDA is an effective tool for your FOQA, safety, maintenance, and other fleet operation programs.

Latitude Flight Data Analytics supports multiple customer-authorized concurrent users. Authorized users access the dashboard via user name and password set by the customer’s LFDA administrator.  All users have the same level of access to the LFDA dashboard.  Users are able to access from the Latitude corporate website or from the dedicated LFDA home page.

The Latitude Flight Data Analytics dashboard is capable of displaying more than a half-dozen sets of flight data simultaneously.  Each concurrent user has the ability to set up individual flight data graphical presentations, arranged by the user to achieve the user’s preferred analytical perspective.

Users are able to view data from earlier flights as well as the most recent flights.  The user has the ability to put each flight in context – both on a map display and using LFDA’s animated playback feature.  As well, users have the ability to download flight data in Excel, CSV, and other formats.

Exceedances and other events are flagged in the aircraft’s LFDA data presentation for immediate scrutiny by users following the operator’s standard operating protocols.  We work with each customer to set event thresholds specified by the customer and to add additional sensor-based flight data parameters, based on the IONode device configuration specified by the customer for installation by Latitude’s FDM specialists.

For IONode FDM customers using in-house flight data analytics tools and third-party analytics service providers, Latitude offers automatic flight data forwarding to one or more customer-authorized data recipients.

Latitude Flight Data Analytics and IONode Flight Data Forwarding are sold exclusively by annual, renewable subscription.  Subscriptions are per IONode device and per aircraft.

For Latitude Flight Data Analytics and IONode Flight Data Forwarding service activation, contact our activation specialists at