1. Bullet    Centurion also established a Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Management (MROM) program in service of our customers with regards to managing their component and engine overhaul requirements, effectively, efficiently and accurately.


  1. Bullet    With a highly trained logistics support and supply chain management team, which provides total Engine & Component support programs, through our repair and overhaul management programs: Supporting Avionics, Airframe, Various Aircraft Life Limited Components, Landing Gear, Safety Equipment, Structures, APU’s, Engines, and Propellers, not only for aviation related requirements, but also for Military, ground as well as commercial vehicles.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management and Component Overhaul Management Services :

  1.     Costs: Cutting costs of the client directly in terms of manpower & control expenditure.

  1.     Efficiency: Due to regular update of tracking of the Component Overhaul Process.

  1.     Supply Chain Management: Reduced Costs in terms of Price / Turn Time of Component.

  1.     Network: Providing customer with ONE point of contact for all repairables, saving the customer time and money.


  1.     Obsolesce Management: Providing Service Exchange options to out-of-date items, and information on obsolete parts and components.

  1.     Service Exchange Options: Provided when a customer has an AOG situation, or require an Overhauled part as soon as possible.


  1.     Warrantee: Full client Warrantee Administration

  1.     Modifications & Upgrades: Providing the customer with the latest Mod-Statuses available as well as supporting and advising in terms of upgrade options available.

  1.     Inspection Failures: BER Agreement & Component Management.

  1.     Accounts: Dedicated Account Management & Support Teams.

  1.     Up-To-Date: Up-to-date status reports on TAT and EDD.

  1.     Price Advantage: Reduced pricing and rates passed on to customers due to OEM and Certified Overhaul Station agreements & programs.

  1.     Resources: Reduction to the client of in-house resources required to manage the repair process.

  1.     Shipping Costs: Consolidated shipping options provide a high cost saving to clients, due to Company locations and vendor base advantages.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Management