Sukhoi SuperJet 100

Sukhoi has revolutionized regional air travel, with an aircraft, which falls within the competitor markets of 90 – 110 seater aircraft: Being well equipped, designed, cost efficient to operate, providing a world-class flying experience to both crew and passengers, at a fraction of the cost of most aircraft in its class (also in terms of operating costs per hour).

Being an authorised partner of Sukhoi, provides SIMA with the privilege to market, negotiate, sell and fully support Sukhoi’s world-class regional / national aircraft, the Sukhoi Superjet 100, in passenger and / or VIP configurations.

Features & Benefits of the SSJ100

  1. Bullet    Most economic aircraft in its class

  2. Bullet    Lower operating cost than competitors in its class

  3. Bullet    Lower weight-related fees

  4. Bullet    Lower maintenance cost

  5. Bullet    Lower fuel burn

  1. Bullet    Fly by wire

  2. Bullet    Range up to 2470 nm

  3. Bullet    Cruize Speed 0.81 mach

  4. Bullet    98 Passenger Capacity (Single Class)

  5. Bullet    Ergonomically, Pininfarina designed interior/s

  1. Bullet    Easy Access to Overhead Bins

  2. Bullet    Offers more overhead space than competitors in its class

  1. Bullet    2+ m high Cabin Space

  2. Bullet    Offers more headroom than competitors in its class

  1. Bullet    508 mm wide Isle Space

  2. Bullet    Offers a wider passenger isle than competitors in its class

  1. Bullet    LED Mood-lights in cabin

  2. Bullet    Highly energy efficient lighting with independent dimming zones

  1. Bullet    5-Abreast Seating configuraions

  2. Bullet    Offers more cabin space than competitors in its class